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Results of 2013 Planning and Use Survey

posted Feb 28, 2013, 8:12 AM by Cynthia Downing
In January, 2013, the Tenaya Estates Board distributed surveys to the 143 homeowners.  46 surveys were completed and returned.  A few of the surveys contained rude or sarcastic comments which were not helpful for evaluating the will of the neighborhood.  Rude and sarcastic comments have been redacted from this online posting of results.  With advance notice, any homeowner can schedule a mutually convenient time to review all of the surveys.  To schedule a review of surveys, call Cynthia Downing at 439-4749.
Based on the survey results, the Board has decided to proceed with a yard and bake sale fundraiser on Saturday, April 13; the Fourth of July fundraiser at the Park; and bluegrass concerts every Thursday evening in September.  The Board does not believe these events will create problems or attract undesirable elements to the Park.  External publicity will be handled carefully to reach surrounding neighborhoods, yard sale shoppers, and bluegrass fans as appropriate.  Further information about luminaries and replacement of the playground surface will be distributed later this spring.


1.    With the understanding that any events at the Park will be wholesome and family-oriented, should Tenaya Estates continue sponsoring fundraisers at the Park?

Yes - 36

No - 8

No opinion - 2


·      The bluegrass events last year were a great addition!

·      Bluegrass concerts were great fun.  One a month from May to September would be great.

·      The more the merrier!

·      We may not be able to participate but support having fundraisers

·      The events develop community

·      As long as we have insurance coverage

·      Only when approved by the Board

·      Hopefully, they show some income for the maintenance fund; if not, I’m not sure they’re worth the effort.  We would normally not attend.

·      Limit fundraisers to the Fourth of July, yard sale, and 3 concerts.  Too many events will create havoc for neighbors and wear and tear on the Park.

·      Should be primarily for property owners and their guests.  

·      This is a waste of lots of people’s time and money.  These are intrusions on our neighborhoods.  Stop them now.

·      Fundraisers impact the Park negatively.  Excessive wear and tear, no restrooms, drugs, etc.

·      Tenaya Park is a homeowner park.  None of the homeowners are attracted to these events and they bring excess noise, traffic congestion.

·      If additional funding for contingencies is needed, perhaps increasing the assessment fee by $5 or $10 per year would help establish a reserve for that purpose.  Or, ask the Board of Supervisors for one-time portion of the County’s contingency fund. 

2.    The 2012 bluegrass concerts were promoted by passing out flyers to people who live west
of Fruit, north of Sierra, and south of Escalon.  In your opinion, should promotional flyers be distributed in surrounding neighborhoods?

Yes, it’s OK to pass out flyers in surrounding neighborhoods - 28

No, flyers should only be distributed to Tenaya Estates homeowners - 15

No opinion - 3


·     It develops community

·     The more people the better

·     If it adds revenue

·     But only to neighborhoods mentioned

·     Limit outside distribution of flyers to exactly the areas defined

·     We have not attended these events.  As long as surrounding neighborhoods are willing to support them, it’s nice to include them.

·     Let the Tenaya Estates homeowners invite guests.  That will hopefully allow for some monitoring.

·     Park usage should be restricted to Tenaya Estates residents.

·     This is a community Park, not a public park.  Minimize outsiders

·     Please do not bring more people to our Park.  We were not informed of these concerts until after they had been planned.  Please involved homeowners in such decisions.

3.    Last year, posters promoting the Fourth of July were put up at the Park.  Our goal was to reach people who use the Park but don’t live in the neighborhood.  In your opinion, is it OK to put up signs and posters at the Park with information about upcoming fundraisers?   

Yes, publicity at the Park about upcoming fundraisers is OK - 32

No, there shouldn’t be any outside publicity about events at the Park - 12

No opinion - 2


·      Let’s work together for a permanent bulletin board.

·      Profit can be made with more people present.

·      On the fence about the fundraisers;  events are great but crowds of undesirable types are not the best thing to introduce to the Park

·      I heard fireworks at 12:00 a.m. on Thorne on Fourth of July

·      Not sure whey you’d want to encourage people who don’t live in the neighborhood to use the Park.  Tends to cause problems when not paying for usage and lack of responsibility or respect for others

·      This is a homeowners park.  Why do you bring the public here to cause problems?  We already have drug dealers and drug users.  We already have non-homeowners bringing dogs and lawn chairs.  Why encourage more non-homeowners?

·      This is a community park, not a public park.  Minimize outsiders.

·      Do not bring more people to the neighborhood.  Keep the Park for us, not the public.

4.    Some events (yard/bake sale, bluegrass concerts) were listed on various online community calendars (local television, radio, and Fresno Bee).  In your opinion, should Park fundraisers be listed in local community calendars?   

Yes, listing Park fundraisers in community calendars is OK - 26

No, Park events should not be posted on community calendars - 17

No opinion - 3


·      If it helps to raise funds

·      Publicity may bring in buyers for our vacant homes

·      As long as it doesn’t bring in unwanted visitors

·      This is a community park, not a public park.  Minimize outsiders.

·      Do not bring more drug users, more burglars, more off leash dogs to the neighborhood.  The more you advertise, the more the problems. 

·      It’s not a public park.  Don’t promote it as one.  We foot the bills.  Ask for yearly donation from all residents for slush fund or the like.  $100 or whatever.

·      Let homeowners invite folks and those who use the Park regularly will see posted flyers at the Park.

5.    For Park events in 2012, was there too much, too little, or just the right amount of publicity?   

Too much publicity - 9

Just the right amount of publicity - 23

Not enough publicity - 4

No opinion - 10


·      If the object is to raise money for Park maintenance and repairs, then you must appeal to a larger audience then just the Tenaya Estates homeowners.

·      I hope more people will get involved

·      This is a community park, not a public park.  Minimize outsiders.

·      Stop this now.  You have already created enough problems.  Stop encouraging the public to invade our neighborhood.

6.    What types of fundraising events are appropriate for Tenaya Park (check all that apply)?   

Concerts (specify preferred genre such as bluegrass, jazz, etc) - 34

Yard/bake sales - 37

Farmer’s market - 22

Arts and crafts show – 26

Vintage car show - 14

Ice cream social - 27

No fundraisers - 4

Other suggestions:

·     Easter egg hunt

·     Silent auctions

·     Wine tasting

·     Balsa wood gliders for distance

·     Junior Olympics – relay races, Frisbee contests

·     Holidays like Christmas, Halloween costume contests, Easter egg hunts; the Fourth of July tricycle parade is adorable; how about timed tricycle races, not wheel to wheel pairs racing.  Radio controlled car races


·     All of the above should be considered if volunteers can be obtained for the work of planning and execution

·     None of these make sense.  They degrade the quality of living on the Park and bring very little gain.

·     Grants and endowments

7.    Are there any types of fundraising events that should NOT be held at the Park?   

·      Sports related competitions including canine show/competitions, or car shows or home improvement events

·      Sporting events

·      Loud obnoxious events

·      Wet T shirt contests; no head-to-head, wheel to wheel races; javelin throwing, sword swallowing, parachuting, skydiving, chain saw juggling, monster truck draft racing, pole dancing strippers

·      Nothing that will disturb homeowners with late hours; nothing that is not suitable for family attendance

·      Car shows – no cars on the grass

·      Ice cream social is too much work

·      Events that are too commercial

·      Any event that fouls the lawn area or causes damage in any way; they should end by 9:00 p.m.

·      Concerts, farmer’s market, arts and crafts show, and vintage car show.  Ice cream social could be part of the Fourth of July celebration.

·      Concerts

·      High impact events are to be avoided.  Homeowners suffer.

·      Get money from someplace that does not make us miserable.

·      Do outside the Park activities.  Why not a fireworks stand on a vacant lot?  Co-sponsor a farmer’s market somewhere else?  Sell candy door-to-door?

·      Rock concerts; events likely to draw rowdy crowds; late night events

8.    The Park doesn’t have public restrooms.  Board members have opened the restrooms in their homes to bluegrass band members and others when the need arose.  Should Port-A-Potties be rented for larger events like the Fourth of July?      

Yes - 29

No – 9

No opinion - 8


·     Neighbors should not have to offer their restrooms

·     Homeowners should not be imposed on

·     Yes, give the homeowners a break

·     Depends on cost; how expensive?

·     Based on past experience, needed for public; would avoid if practical, cost, etc.

·     Include costs in user fees

·     If no money, how can the fund afford it?

·     Absolutely not.  What a mess and stink.

·     No smell or mess

·     These are degrading and are not in the spirit of the Park as a homeowner/community park for residents

9.    Our neighborhood has enjoyed a tradition of luminaries on Christmas Eve.  The effort has been well coordinated in some areas of the neighborhood but not in others.  It costs approximately $10 per house to provide the luminaries (bags, votive candles, and sand).  In addition, neighbors who are gone or shut in on Christmas Eve need to have their luminaries put out and lit.  Are you interested in helping with the luminaries this coming Christmas Eve?     

Yes, I will contribute $10 to cover the cost of luminaries for my house - 37

Yes, I will volunteer to coordinate luminaries on my block - 6

Yes, I support putting luminaries out on Christmas Eve – 39

No, I don’t want luminaries at my house - 5


·     I have worked on this project every year.  It is a great time to visit with neighbors.

·     I would be would probably be the only house on Sierra with luminaries

·     I’m gone at Christmas Eve; never have seen it

·     I do not want the mess and fuss of a custom that is not part of my tradition.  Do not force this on me or my park.

·     This is voluntary and a Christian custom; do not force this on all of us

·     I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 25 years.  This is the first that I heard of this tradition.

10.  More than 11 years ago, a children’s playground was installed at the Park.  The rubberized playground surface is disintegrating.  The large holes have become a significant safety hazard.  The surface no longer meets the State’s “Child Head Injury” standard.  The surface will cost $22,500 to replace.  The Board has not been able to find a less expensive alternative that meets State and County requirements.  Tenaya Park doesn’t have enough in reserves to cover this expense.  Once replaced, the playground surface will only last about 10 years.  In your opinion, what should Tenaya Estates do about the playground surface?  

Do nothing and hope funding will come from somewhere else in the future - 4

Hold fundraisers specifically for replacement of the playground surface while recognizing it could take years to raise enough to cover replacement costs - 7

Ask homeowners to approve a one-time special assessment of $158 so the playground surface can be replaced now - 10

Ask the homeowners to approve a one-time assessment of $158 to replace the surface now and approve a $16 per year increase in the annual assessment to be held in reserves specifically to replace the playground surface when it wears out in another 10 years - 23

No response - 6


Do you have any other suggestions on how to fund replacement of the playground surface:

·     The Park is for kids and must be maintained

·     When we built our house in 1967, the original intent for the Park was to provide a large, safe play area for children.  It is important that the surface be replaced as soon as possible.

·     Some of us don’t have children so the fees may have objections; however, the safety of the kids is the most important thing

·     Low impact funding sources; grants, endowments, bequests; off-site fireworks sales, etc.

·     Solicit donations from nearby residents and businesses

·     Perhaps those who wish could pay the 1-time assessment and supplement the amount with fund raisers and approve the $16 increase in annual assessment.

·     Make sure replacement surface is guaranteed

·     We do not have children or dogs.  The Park should be for the enjoyment of all.  Why now just remove the playground equipment and save the expense for all of us?

·     Can the County be induced to contribute?  People outside our area use the playground, too; I’m sure you researched

·     Tear out the playground equipment.  Why not ask for donations like the basketball hoops?  Why impose a fine on us?

·     Eliminate the playground; if grant funding (like from First 5) cannot be obtained, eliminate playground which will eliminate liability and will reduce disruptive traffic in neighborhood from city residents coming in

·     Use pebble bark


Would you like to share any concerns or comments with the Tenaya Estates Board?

·      I think you are doing a great job – thank you!

·      Thanks to the Board; your efforts are appreciated.

·      Excellent work

·      Thank you for all the time and effort you all put in on our behalf.  It is appreciated.

·      The Park is so nice.  It’s great to have neighbors from outside our area stroll through to enjoy it, play catch with their kids, sit and admire the trees, and walk their dogs (on leashes).  Inviting everyone to come to a fundraiser is a risky thing to do.  We don’t want to have to police it.

·      Please remember that many of us are retired and on fixed incomes.  The cost of almost every necessary service (utilities, water, taxes, etc.) is increasing monthly.  For residents who don’t use the Park for a variety of reasons, it isn’t fair to make us pay extra assessments to cover user fees.

·      I never use the Park.  The people closest have the most use of it.  My income has been very decreased this year.  So, it makes it more difficult to afford the changes.  It is a great little park and I have to see it get to much advertising.  I would be worried of too many people and too many problems.

·      Sprinklers are malfunctioning around our property; it’s very muddy and has been damaging to fence posts.  Can this be fixed?

·      I see people letting their dogs drink out of the water fountains.  I know there is probably no way to stop it but it is disgusting.  Our park is pet friendly but is not a dog park.  I also can’t stand the fact people don’t always pick up after their dog thus leaving it for my children to step in.  Maybe signs?

·      Too much dog poop on houses around the Park.

·      Is it possible to make the Park a people park on some days and a dog park on others?  A significant number will not use the Park now, unleashed dogs and failure to clean after animals is a real problem.

·      The playground should only be for Tenaya Park owners’ children and grandchildren.  I have been living her for 45 years.

·      Sidewalks in front of homes – some are unsafe for people walking due to cracks or lifting of the cement.  It’s safer to walk in the streets which is not such a safe place, either.  Who fixes these?  I know who is supposed to but it is not getting done.