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Notes from April 19 emergency Board meeting

posted Apr 22, 2012, 1:57 PM by Cynthia Downing   [ updated Apr 22, 2012, 1:58 PM ]
Thanks to all of you for participating in last week’s election. Six members were elected to the board of directors with 50% plus 1 vote.  As the Immediate Past President, I’m the seventh seat on the new Board.  We needed a quorum of 39 voters, and had 42 ballots cast, with one ballot disqualified as it lacked a signature. Votes were counted Sunday evening by Harry Drandell, the appointed teller, and the counting was observed by several of us.  All details about the election of the board of directors and the new officers can be found at our web site,

An emergency meeting of the new Board was called on Thursday, April 19, because the Fresno County supervisors have scheduled a hearing about funding our grant request for replacing the flooring at the play area.  We need coordinated representation at this hearing which was the reason for meeting to elect officers.  At this Board meeting, the new board was presented with three election options by our legal counsel:

1.    Continue the election process to fill the two remaining seats on the board. This would entail a new nominations process, and a general vote 90 days after the close of nominations.  Any member would be free to run in the new election, not just the four candidates who were not elected to the board.  The cost of this election in time and money would be substantial.

2.    Reconsider the previous board’s decision to increase the number of board members from seven to nine, and reduce it to seven again. Since all seven seats are filled, there would be no need for another election.

3.    Invite the candidates who were not elected to join the board in an unelected capacity to serve in various helpful ways.  This invitation would also be extended to any member who wishes to help in some capacity.  If there is sufficient interest, the board can decide to increase the number of seats to 9 members and appoint interested members to fill those seats on the board.

After careful consideration, the board voted unanimously to proceed with a hybrid of options two and three above.  All candidates who were not elected, and any other interested member, are invited to attend our meetings and see where their skills can be most useful. The next board meeting is scheduled for Wed, July 11, at 6:00, probably at Cynthia Downing’s house.  Please email Cynthia at if you want email notification of board meetings.

The board also appointed a committee of Vern, Cynthia, and our attorney, Jim McKelvey, to amend the bylaws regarding elections and other issues so we can avoid ambiguities and misunderstandings in the future.  Proposed changes will be submitted for a vote of the members, probably in the fall.  If the amendments are adopted, they will govern future elections.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the election.  A special thanks to Cynthia, who devoted several full weeks of work and nearly $1000 of paper, printing and postage to have this election.

Vern Grant
President, Tenaya Estates, Inc.