Tenaya Park is a 2½ acre public park owned by Fresno County.  The Park is located one block south of Sierra between Palm and Fruit in an unincorporated County island.  The Park is surrounded by 143 homes in Tenaya Estates, a 1960s to 1970s development.  County Service Area No. 2 was formed to provide for Park operational costs.  Tenaya Estates homeowners pay a special assessment of $210 per year which raises approximately $32,500 for Park maintenance annually. 


Fresno County Service Area #2 collects these assessments and is ultimately responsible for the Park.  The annual operating budget of $32,500 covers routine Park maintenance but does not include funds for major infrastructure repairs or capital projects. 


Tenaya Estates, Inc., (TEI) was incorporated on March 19, 2007, as a 501(c)(4) homeowners association.  In 2007, Fresno County began contracting with TEI to provide day-to-day management and oversight of Park maintenance and operations.  TEI obtains bids and awards contracts to vendors for services including landscape maintenance, tree trimming, sprinkler and irrigation system repairs, electrical and lighting repairs, and other necessary maintenance work.  TEI pays vendors’ invoices and then requests reimbursement of expenses from County Service Area #2.  This arrangement has significantly increased the level of satisfaction and reduced the number of complaints about the Park from the neighborhood.